Thursday, December 3, 2015

Homemade Gift Idea Roundup, 2014 Edition

Last November, I decided to encourage my friends and family to make more of their gifts. I hate the pressure we as a society put on people at Christmas! Spend more, more, more; go into debt. Give junk, just to say you gave something.

So starting around Thanksgiving, I posted links to lots of projects and tutorials on Facebook. Last year I excluded sewing, knitting, and crocheting projects, though I did link my crocheted Fluffy Tribble pattern after a friend asked about it specifically. Here's the full list; I'll post this year's finds soon, and update it as I go (hopefully!).

Happy crafting!

Food Gifts

Homemade Vanilla Extract, from The Kitchn
Red Wine Finishing Salt, from Well Preserved
Herb-Infused Honey from Crunch Betty
Infused Olive Oil from Country Cleaver
Custom Herbal Tea Blends from Straight from the Farm
Homemade Hot Chocolate Mix (No Milk) from Live Simply
Homemade Hot Cocoa Mix (Powdered Milk) from The Kitchn
DIY Tea Wreath from Kojo Designs


Bird's Nest Necklace from Sarah Ortega
Beaded Bobby Pins from Anna Kata

Health and Beauty

Honey Brown Sugar Scrub from my own blog
DIY Bath Jellly from Rookie Mag
Herbal Infused Oil video by Mountain Rose Herbs
Three Ingredient Lotion Bars from Essentially Eclectic
Homemade Bath Melts from Snap Guide
Honey Lavender Bath Melts from Happy Money Saver

"Guy" Friendly

Magnetic Wristband for Hardware
Bay Rum Aftershave from Art of Manliness
Beard Oil from Art of Manliness
How to Make a Slingshot from Art of Manliness
Handsome Wooden Bottle Opener from Art of Manliness

Kid Friendly

Marshmallow Blow Gun  from Frugal Fun 4 Boys
Monster Slime from Frugal Fun 4 Boys
How to Make a Superhero Cape (No Sew) from Racks and Mooby
Lightweight Cape Tutorial from The Pleated Poppy
Portable Lego Kit from Mama Papa Bubba
Silly Pencils from Crafts Unleashed

Office Supplies

Embroidered Pencil Cups from The Crafted Life
Pencil Flowers from JA Monkey
Cute Blooming Flower Pen from Family Crafts
DIY Arrow Pencils from Lena Sekine
T-Shirt Pom Pom Pencil from Reuseit
Paper Flower Pencil Topper from Papercrafts for Children
Retro Fuzzy Pencils from We-Made-That
Last Minute Washi Clip from Artsyville
Groundhog Pom Pom Pencil Topper from Artists Helping Children
Washi Tape Magnets from Crafts Unleashed
No-Sew Colored Pencil Roll from Small + Friendly

This and That

DIY Picture Tiles from Crunchy Betty
Mini Polaroid Magnets from Ambrosia Girl
DIY Sharpie Mug from The Cozy Old Farmhouse
Marble Magnets from Not Martha
DIY Altoid Tin Kits from Art of Manliness and others
The Fluffy Tribble from my blog
T-Shirt Dog Toy from Barkpost
Mason Jar Sewing Kit from The 3Rs Blog
Mason Jar Sewing Kit from Simply Striking Blog

Stocking Stuffers

Ribbon Hair Clips, by Jones Design Company
Homemade Flavored Toothpicks from Crunchy Betty
Full and Textured Fabric Flowers from Make It Love It


Ombre-Dyed Gift Tags from Postcards from a Hoarder
One-Sheet Origami Gift Box

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